Interested in owning a conflict-free mined diamond while at the same time protecting the integrity of land, water and wildlife?  Shulan's Fairlawn Jewelers now offers the Canadamark Diamond which traces the journey of your diamond back to the Canadian Diamond Mines. Canadamark Diamonds come from the Ekati and Diavik mines in a remote region near the Artic Circle and are tracked through audited processes from origin to polished stones.  Mining in Canada is governed by more stringent regulations than other countries.  Federal, territorial, Nations Agreements - they're all in place to protect Canada's environment and it's people.  All mines that are part of the Canadamark program must meet Canada's stringent environmental regulations and many go above and beyond.  Canadamark Diamonds are fully compliant with the Canadian Diamond Code of Conduct including an authentication card documenting the mine of origin, unique Canadamark number and Diamond Weight.

Quality meets responsibility

  • Guaranteed to be conflict free
  • Responsibly sourced from Canada’s Northwest Territories
  • Exceptional color, clarity, and luster with low levels of fluorescence
  • Available in every size your jewelry demands